CF Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Clone 3285 Movement Master Copy Watch


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 Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Clone Swiss 3285 Movement


Bringing you the best Ever Rolex Pepsi Clone Clean Factory! After the closure of Noob factory the king now is Clean factory. Noob’s identical twin sister factory when it comes to level of perfection in replication & High Quality standard. 1:1 Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Superclone comes with Swiss 3285 Rolex Clone Movement.

How Frustrating is it, when along with you the World loves Rolex GMT Master 2 Pepsi and it’s not available & gray market ripping your pockets as if they were selling you shares of the Rolex….And adding to your frustration is When you see someone listing a 1:1 Rolex Pepsi Clone exact to real this and that and everything is perfect and when you pay you either lose your money or what happens is that you get Cheap Fake Rolex GMT Master 2 Pepsi Ref126710BLRO Mirror Copy easy to spot as knock off sold to you promising as Clone! Well Below are the technical Specification of the Rolex Pepsi Super Clone. We offer you. You are the judge if it’s worth your money. Do check Real time Pictures and videos of the watch. Do you want some one to tell you hey man! You better Work on getting the Best Rolex Replications cause this GMT Master II Pepsi Replica is an obvious ! Or You want someone to ask you, Hell Man how did you manage to get the Rolex GMT Master II batman? if it’s the 2nd one we are made for each other!

Technical Specification of this 1:1 Rolex Pepsi Copy,

Case size: 40 mm

Power reserve: 70 Hours. if you can get a Clean Factory Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Master Copy with power reserve even closer to us we are ready for a challenge! Cause you want because we are Sellers with technical know how and get you only those thing which are perfectly identical to Authentic version.

Movement: Swiss Rolex Clone 3285 movement

Bracelet: Oyster Bracelet

Clasp: Same as Original Rolex GMT Master 2 Pepsi

Front Crystal: Sapphire Made

Time Keeping and time Setting: This Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi clone keeps time like a genuine one, where as the Cheap Copies told as Super clones sold these days lag in time and you’ll have to wind watch every 2 hour to make it function. The time setting method of this 1:1 Rolex GMT Master ii Pepsi Super Copy is same like you do in authentic version.

Waterproof: 120 Meters

Hour Markers: Super luminous(Glow in dark)

The watch is made of 904L Stainless Oyster steel.


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